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Spectrasol Technology Corporation (STC) specializes in increasing Sales and Marketing levels across the enterprise, maximizing the return on every dollar invested in your corporate sales efforts. Our primary focus is working with technology companies.

Today, operating a highly effective sales operation that capitalizes on all available opportunities is exceptionally complex. Considerations such as market focus (commercial/government/verticals), direct sales, inside sales, channel sales, strategic partnerships, client service expertise, exploiting new sales technologies for competitive edge, sales methodologies, training and effective recruitment, strain the in-house capabilities of many organizations.

STC bridges this gap by providing the necessary sales expertise, as required. Each of our highly educated Sales Improvement Specialists has a minimum of 20 years experience in Sales, Marketing and Client Service in a wide variety of vertical markets. Cumulatively, our staff has over 100 years of hands-on sales expertise, and all are experts at mobilizing technology to increase sales.

SALES "QUICKSTART" is again being offered to help clients get off to a fast, sustainable start in . For a limited time, STC will deliver this invaluable service to new clients at a special introductory price, with delivery within about 2 weeks.

Need to increase the productivity of your Outside Sales Team? Check out our proven, results driven Appointment Setting Services section to discover how STC can quickly ramp up their prospects and sales!

We're proud that marks years of our providing Professional Sales Consulting expertise to firms in North America.

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